Conditions générales d'hébergement

This is a computer translation. Please refer to the french version

Article 1 : Contract of hosting

  • The maximum monthly traffic generated by the Web site can be fixed at 50 Gigabytes to avoid abuses. In the event of going beyond, we warn the customer and a choice must be made: either we invoice each Gigabytes of going beyond started to CHF 5. - Including all taxes, or we advise another formula of hosting (dedicated server for example).
  • The use of scripts cgi (Perl, PHP or other) must remain in an acceptable measurement as for the configuration of the server. No script consuming more 5Mb of memory at the time of its execution, nor of duration of more than 10 seconds are not tolerated. SolidHosting reserves the right to remove any script not respecting these instructions.
  • The disk space should be used only to publish information on Internet (no backup/archive of private or professional data will be tolerated).
  • It is strictly forbiden to call scripts or pages on the space placed at the disposal from IRC bots (to store the list of the connected users for example).

Article 2 : Duration of the contract

  • The contract of hosting is concluded for a minimum duration of 12 months, renewable tacitly year by year except written cancellation one month before the expiry.

Article 3 : Validity of the contract

  • The payment of the price of hosting means the acceptance of the general conditions.

Article 4 : Domain names transfer

  • By transfer of a domain name, do will not understand the transfer of the effective property of the right of use, but the technical transfer (change of DNS). The customer affirms being owner of this right of use when he asks for the transfer of a domain name or to be duly elected by the above-named owner. SolidHosting will carry out the formalities necessary or will guide the customer in the achievement of these formalities. Nevertheless, the customer states to be informed that only the named person as administrative contact for this field can validate this transfer. SolidHosting could not be held for person in charge in impossibility of transferring this time or domain name while resulting, this impossibility not invalidating systematically the contract of hosting.

Article 5 : « Sub-hosting »

  • The « sub-hosting » towards other entities, physics or morals, as well as the resale of the service are not authorized.

Article 6 : Payment of the invoices

  • The invoices are for the 12 months to come, and are due to 10 days.
  • In the event of nonpayment of the invoices within the delay, the customer accepts right now an interest rate of 8%/year on the invoices, as well as an additional invoicing of Frs. 10 - by simple reminder letter and Frs. 30 - by recommended reminder letter. Without answer of the customer after a 15 days deadline following the recommended reminder, the pages will be removed without any allowance or claimable damage by the customer. Invoices not paid being due until the normal expiry of the contract, all the expenses resulting from covering being to the charge of the customer.

Article 7 : Responsibility

  • The customer has to maintain a postal address valid in any time as well as an electronic address of contact (email) functional and checked regularly. SolidHosting places at the disposal of the customer an electronic panel of administration to manage this information, available on The post-office boxes must always be accompanied by the actual address (street and number) of the company or the private individual signatory of the contract.
  • SolidHosting is committed providing the best possible service to the customer, but could not be held responsible for the possible technical problems independent of its will, such as in particular cut, overload of line or material breakdown. To in no case, the customer will not be able to prevail himself of damage or allowances resulting from technical problems of some nature that it is.
  • SolidHosting could not be held responsible for the not-attribution of the domain name chosen by the customer if he required of SolidHosting to deal with it and that that not be able to be done.
  • SolidHosting has the right to refuse and/or cancel the hosting of pages considered contrary with the morality or our policy, without justification. In addition, if the hosted pages were to contain indications, matter or any contrary element with the current or future Swiss law, the customer is only and single person in charge in front of the courts. By its signature, it is committed refunding SolidHosting of all the debours or others, without exclusions, if by the fault of the pages hosted at SolidHosting, SolidHosting were to be recognized accessory to the illegal acts of the customer. Indeed, the customer has a total freedom as for his webspace, insofar as it is in conformity with the laws and rules of Switzerland. It is in particular excluded to publish any form or associated contents directly or indirectly :

    • the pornography
    • the paedophilia
    • pirated programs
    • with a racist character
    • MP3 file subjected to a copyright
    • illegal activities

  • SolidHosting reserves the right, constantly and without notice, to block the access to any Web page which it would estimate not conforms to the Swiss or international laws and which would convey of this fact of illicit information.
  • SolidHosting could be contacted directly by the holders of rights of ownership intellectual if these rights would have been enfreints by services offered by the means of SolidHosting, so that the accused document is withdrawn or its blocked access. SolidHosting will examine the complaints.
  • The fact that SolidHosting makes links available does not constitute an approval at all nor a recommendation of these sites.

Article 8 : Prohibited activities

  • It is against the policy of SolidHosting which the user of hosting carries out or takes part directly or indirectly in the one of the following activities, by the means of SolidHosting:

    • To send electronic mails in mass to people who did not requested it ("Junk mall" or "Spamming"). Thus, any sending of electronic mail not requested by their recipients is strictly prohibited. A complaint for Spamming on behalf of a user will involve the cancellation of the contract of hosting. That includes/understands the Spam carried out by the intermediary of a script badly configured present on the Web site of the customer and thus giving thus access to its functionalities from outside.
    • Not to respect the copyrights
    • To falsify information which is provided on a user of the services of SolidHosting
    • To undertake any other activity which violates the law and threatens the integrity of a computerized system or violates the codes of conduct generally accepted on Internet.
    • To access or try to access in an unauthorized way in an information processing system.

Article 9 : Cancellations

  • An anticipated cancellation on behalf of the Customer is possible in any time, with a mail recommended with precise information of the day of desired desactivation of the contract. This cancellation does not involve any refunding and the which had invoices remain it in their entirety.

Article 10 : Price and the general conditions modification

  • Any modification of price resulting from rises related to third companies will be announced to the customer, via electronic mail, with a two months notice. These possible rises in price give right a cancellation with immediate effect, and the one month notice for the expiry of the contract is not necessary; no refunding can be engaged on such a step.
  • The possible modifications or actualizations of the general conditions can be consulted in any time on the site and are announced by email with the address of contact of each contract. The Customer commits himself consulting them, in order to keep up to date with the possible modifications; these modifications or actualizations are opposable to all the users as of their settings on the site of SolidHosting.

Article 11 : Legal For and applicable duty

  • Any litigation in connection with this contract, its conclusion, its execution or its cancellation is subjected to the Swiss right, the for being in Lausanne subject to a recourse to the Federal Court in Lausanne.